Community Service


SUHSD Administrative Regulation 6146.1(a) requires that a minimum of 30 hours of non-paid community service to be performed by students as part of their graduation requirements.
SUGGESTED schedule for completion:
9th Grade: 6 hours
10th Grade: 8 hours
11th Grade: 8 hours
12th Grade: 8 hours
  • Students are encouraged to complete the required 30 hours early.
  • New students who enroll from out of the district will be required to meet only the hours suggested for the grade(s) they need to complete. For example, a student entering as a 10th grader will need to complete 24 hours, the suggested hours for grades 10-12.
  • Social Science teachers at each grade level will be responsible for monitoring and verifying that the community service hours have been completed for each of their students. Social Science teachers must also remind students of the pre-approval requirement for activities. Teachers will post those hours completed on the District’s student information system (Chancery).
  • The UC system gives additional points toward admission for students who complete 200 or more hours of community service prior to their senior year.